DW|S is a hands-on design studio and styling company. 

We specialize in finding and creating one-of-a-kind pieces and working with you to build a look that reflects your own unique style. 



We believe in quality over quantity, always. We are inspired by exceptional craftsmanship; we seek it out in others and we strive for it ourselves. To us, it's all about the pursuit and creation of something that endures. 

That translates to everything we do for our clients, from the vintage furniture we source to the number of projects we take on. 



It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person in possession of a new space must be in want of some help. We harness your vision and taste to create a space you enjoy spending time in. We consider lighting, layout and color as we work happily alongside your architect and contractor to make sure that your style is reflected in all phases of design and construction. 


Maybe you've been pondering how to install that large gallery wall. Maybe it's that stack of frames you have been meaning to hang for weeks (or is it months now??). Or maybe you've just moved and you can't. possibly. do. any. more. Hand over the measuring tape and drill -- We've got this.  



There are definitely more than 50 shades of grey, and that thought alone can be overwhelming. Consider us your color sherpas, guiding you blithely through the color wheel and helping you to find the right color palette for your space, whether it is choosing a paint color for a single room or defining a color scheme for your entire home project.      


Slide the table two inches to the left. The mirror goes one inch higher. We make a room look and feel better by taking our time to get every last detail right using things you already have or selecting decorative pieces to get a finished look. We style everything from bookcases and bar carts to bedrooms and offices. 



Pillows have the power to make a room, so why settle for cookie-cutter? We make pillows using rare, vintage and high quality textiles that we source from all over the world, including right here in Washington, DC. Our custom pillows are surprisingly affordable. Best of all, they are unique to you and in the sizes that are right for your space. 


DW|S obsesses over finding the perfect piece. From haunting flea markets and estate sales to scouring online inventories, we search high and low for quality pieces that tell a story. We work with any budget and scope, from custom to Craigslist.


Save old furniture from its dumpster fate and let DW|S do the dirty work! We breathe new life into old furniture until it shines like a new penny. Sometimes we do this ourselves and sometimes we work with other skilled artisans to get the job done. We take the project from start to finish, providing our input on color and fabric along the way. 


Entertaining is hard work, even for Martha. DW|S works hand-in-hand with our clients to come up with a vision and overall feel that guides us as we bring together flowers, linens, and other elements that make the look cohesive but not overdone. From dinner parties to getting your home ready for the holidays, we set a killer table.

I have this odd little space outside my closet that I couldn’t figure out what to do with. District Work|Shop came in with the perfect vision, and created it so seamlessly. Now that weird little space is a functional part of my closet area! They also did an amazing job giving my master bathroom the facelift it needed — not too expensive, just a needed update!
After moving out of a house with two roommates and into my own place, I realized I actually owned nothing. So I hired District Work|Shop because I needed someone who could take care of everything - from dishes and towels to furniture and lighting, they made my life really easy. I was able to approve everything and nothing felt too forced or formal, which was exactly what I wanted.


We believe that everyone deserves to love where they live and to have it be as unique as they are, no matter the budget, age, or amount of square footage. 

We also know it's about more than having a look that is in style or on trend. We decorate homes in a thoughtful way that tell a bit about who you are and where you've been. 


We recognize that there is promise in all things:

in the bones of a threadbare sofa, the simple lines of a well-designed chair, and the endless possibilities of a bolt of fabric.